Dear journal

October 5, 2015

Hi everybody and welcome to my online journal!

Thanks for spending some of your time to read my first post.

Let me start by introducing myself. As you probably already figured out by now, my name is Leroy Soumokil. I worked since 2003 in the hospitality business and since then I have seen many incredible and memorable things. I have learned a lot about flavor, people, products and service.

It’s a career where you meet tons of people. Some on their best behavior and some on their worst. Serving many different people can be a struggle, but they all have one thing in common. They want to have a great time or at least escape the routine of life. Tune in right and you’ll trigger curiosity, happiness, friendship and if you’re lucky like me you’ll end up marrying one. So that personal connection is very important to me and through that personal connection I can express my creativity. It’s addictive and rewarding. That being said I think there should be enough interesting topics to write about.

So what is this journal going to be all about then. Think of it as a bar journal -notebook with recipes and stories. Like my trip to Bar Convent Berlin, my findings of the perfect G&T and interviewing great people in the industry. Basically it’s all drink related stuff that I think is interesting and fun to share. Hopefully with this journal I can give you some fresh ideas or inspire you to try something different. But most of all I hope it’s something fun and useful to read.

So whats new?

Baby, job and journal!

This week im getting ready for BCB and the 20 week echo! A little one is on it’s way to make his/hers debut! I am super excited and I can’t wait to hold our baby. A change in the family means rethinking life, although it sounds more dramatic then it is. I did made the decision to swap jobs and focus more on combining drinks and food. Something I wanted to do for a long time already. This adventure starts at the fairly new “Paskamer” in Amsterdam. A place where I’ll literally be working side by side with a chef. Next to the Paskamer I’ll also be working at ISAAC company. Which has a bartender academy, where I’ll be working as a trainer. Teaching and training many bars.

Enough exciting and interesting moments ahead. Im so looking forward to it all and to share all of  these beautiful moments with you through this journal.

Thx for reading and check back on my next Sunday post about my time at Henry’s bar:

“In the morning it was morning and I was still alive.”

Leroy “Dad-lee” Soumokil

The Press


May 6, 2014

Zoals elk jaar is de nationale competitie ook de competitie die bepaald welke kandidaat Nederland zal vertegenwoordigen tijdens de wereldkampioenschappen die dit jaar zal worden gehouden in Praag. Naast de ticket naar de 62st IBA meeting tussen 16 en 22 augustus 2013 ontving de winnaar ook een Bols Bartending Academy opleiding ter waarde van 800 euro.

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The Press

Colourful Rebel

May 6, 2014

Leroy Soumokil is onlangs verkozen tot de beste bartender van Nederland. Hij won de Diageo World Class Bartender competitie. Een prestigieuze prijs waar menig bartender een moord voor doet. De beste man weet feilloos de meest uiteenlopende ingrediënten bij elkaar in een potje te gooien om er vervolgens aan parel van een cocktail van te brouwen. Wij gingen afgelopen zondag met een bloed gang richting Henry’s bar om tijdens een privé sessie te ervaren hoe het is om de beste cocktails van Nederlands te drinken.


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The Press


May 6, 2014

De Amsterdamse bartender Leroy Soumokil (Henry’s Bar) heeft gisteren met een DIY-gincocktail de Nederlandse Diageo World Class-finale gewonnen. Daarmee kan hij zich de beste cocktailbartender van Nederland noemen.

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